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Going online is quite a useful detail nowadays because everything and everybody exists over the internet. The internet has indeed made the world a much smaller and much more well-connected place in recent years. This is the reason why so many businesses are being taken online every day to reach out to a wonderful audience, to make a bigger impact! However, launching a website requires the helping hand of a host service provider, and

Hostinger is quite a reliable name in that sphere. They are loaded with lots of shared and VPS hosting plans that cater to the needs of all kinds of users from the biggest organizations to even students with a very tight budget. Hostinger hosting can be very beneficial for your enterprise as they have tailor-made plans to cater to all kinds of requirements.

Hostinger Current Offers and Promo Codes

When you log in to Hostinger you will find the most terrific prices for hosting services. The lowest shared hosting plan starts at just $0.99 per month and this is because you can avail a discount of up to 90% at Hostinger. You will not even need a Hostinger coupon code to avail of these huge discounts.

If you are a student, then you will get many more benefits from the house of Hostinger. You will not get Hostinger free but you can tap into ab additional 15% discount over their already highly discounted plans.

Hostinger Free Trial Account

If you are a student and looking for an excellent and convenient hosting service provider, then there can be no one better than Hostinger. When you log in to Hostinger’s services as a student then you also get the benefit of a 30-day trial period from them.

Hostinger Pricing Details

  • Shared Hosting Plans





$0.99 (Save 90%)

Single website; 1 email account; no domain; weekly backup.


$2.89 (Save 74%)

Unlimited websites; unlimited email;free domain; unlimited weekly update.


$3.99 (Save 75%)

Unlimited website; unlimited email; free domain; daily backup.

  • Cloud Hosting Plans





$7.45 (Save 74%)

Dedicated IP; 10 GB SSD; 3 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores.


$14.95 (Save 74%)

Dedicated IP; 140 GB SSD; 6 GB RAM; 4p CPU Cores


$37.00 (Save 63%)

Dedicated IP; 200 GB SSD; 16 GB RAM; 8 CPU cores.

  • VPS Hosting Plans






$3.95 (Save 60%)

1 GB RAM; 20 GB storage, 1000 GB Bandwidth;

2 vCPU

$8.95 (Save 55%)

2 GB RAM; 40 GB storage, 2000 GB Bandwidth;

3 vCPU

$12.95 (Save 68%)

3 GB RAM; 60 GB storage, 3000 GB Bandwidth;

4 vCPU

$15.94 (Save 68%)

4 GB RAM; 80 GB storage, 4000 GB Bandwidth;

6 vCPU

$23.95 ((Save 70%)

6 GB RAM; 120 GB storage, 6000 GB Bandwidth;


$29.95 (Save 77%)

8 GB RAM; 160 GB storage, 8000 GB Bandwidth;

  • Windows VPS Hosting





$26 (Save 28%)

4 cores; 50 GB storage, 4000 GB Bandwidth.


$62 (Save 24%)

4 cores; 100 GB storage, 5000 GB Bandwidth.


$120.00 (Save 20%)

4 cores; 200 GB storage, 6000 GB Bandwidth.


$250.00 (Save 17%)

4 cores; 400 GB storage, 7000 GB Bandwidth.

  • Email Hosting Plans




Business email

$0.99 (Save 55%)

10 GB Storage; Domain-based.

Enterprise email

$2.49 (Save 29%)

30 GB storage; Domain-based.

*Monthly payment

Hostinger Hosting Services

Hostinger is a provider of hosting services. This basically implies that they provide you with a server through which you can launch your website into the internet. There are all kinds of plans available at Hostinger that you can easily tap into to get your website started. The different plans cater to different needs and you need to be careful about the plan you are choosing.

From WordPress hosting services to VPS hosting services including very basic Shared hosting pans, everything is available at Hostinger. When you are using Hostinger you will also find that there is an appreciable and easy-to-use website builder available at Hostinger for your benefit.

About Hostinger

Hostinger is a global server platform that gives you hosting services and helps you with launching your website over the internet. They have been in action since 2004p and have never looked back since then. Their idea was simple- to help you create a free website and to help you with launching this interactive website with any ads, with a Hostinger cPanel over the internet. Through their reliable platform, they have spread to over 178 countries in the world. They are proud of hosting providers to more than 29 million users throughout the world.

Hostinger is such a popular choice that they get about 15,000 new users every single day. To efficiently work with a load of handling so much data, they have efficiently built more and more data centres. Presently, they have data centres throughout the world in various countries such as USA, UK, India, China, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, South Korea. Lithuania, and so on.

Types of App Hosting in GreenGeeks

The different types of hosting services that you can easily tap into over at Hostinger are listed as follows:

  • Shared Web Hosting: Shared web hosting is the cheapest and most accessible kind of web hosting services available out there. In shared web hosting, a single hardware unit is shared among many users, all of whom are hosting their website under the same web address. Since they are using the same hardware elements, the cost of maintaining this hardware is divided among the users, and thus this is the cheapest hosting option.
  • Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting is a new method of hosting a website wherein the relevant hardware setup required maintaining a website is available over the cloud. There is no physical hardware setup and you are given access to this virtual hardware which you can use to manage your server and your website.
  • Email Hosting: If you are looking for a hosting service that operates email servers, then you have to go for the Email hosting plans. These are the kind of plans you require when you want to target your audience through their email.
  • WordPress Hosting: A type of hosting service that is crafted in such a manner that it can easily run any WordPress site.
  • VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Server or VPS is what the name suggests it to be. It is a virtual emulation of existing hardware. The hardware is very high-end and may be have as many as 128 cores and such specifications. This hardware is segmented and a virtual emulation is created which acts as an individual hardware setup. In simpler terms, a VPS is kind of a virtually existing dedicated server that you can use to run your website.
  • Minecraft Hosting: Minecraft hosting refers to a gaming server, a space that you need to rent if you are thinking of playing such games as Minecraft in multiplayer mode.

GreenGeeks Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discount

Hostinger will provide as high as 80% discount on the Hostinger hpanel, Hostinger cpanel and a lot more during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Why Choose GreenGeeks Hosting?

There are many highlights of choosing Hostinger over any other hosting service provider.

  • When you are logging in to Hostinger you will find a website builder option that allows crafting a website of your choice without any additional charges. The website generated is free from ads.
  • There are tailor-made shared hosting plans available at different rates to cater to different needs of users.
  • With plans such as VPS hosting and Cloud hosting scaling up at times of need is very easy and can be done at the click of a button.
  • The security options available at Hostinger are very appreciable.
  • Regular weekly backup of your data for the hosting plans.
  • All-time support from a team of expert IT professionals.

Hostinger Short Review 2020

Hostinger is a genuine and reliable hosting service provider. They have all kinds of plans that cater to different and very specific needs. Whether you are thinking of hosting a WordPress site or you are a student looking for cheap hosting plans to launch a website, you will find a plan at Hostinger very specific to your needs. They are in service since 2004 and have only moved forward since then. Now they have over 29 million users spanning over more than 178 countries throughout different parts of the world. To ensure all the servers are smoothly maintained and all the data are smoothly handled,

Hostinger has created data centres in different parts of the world. They have data centres in different countries such as USA, UK, India, China, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, and many more for the efficient handling of all the data.

Key Features

  • Expert support from IT professionals available 24 x 7 throughout the year.
  • Secure hosting plans for enhanced data protection.
  • Managed hosting plans.
  • Regular backups and upgrades.