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Rype Coupon Codes and Discount Offers

The Rype app certainly offers a myriad of excellent promo codes as well as offers and you can easily find them on the internet without having to face any issue. However, currently, there are no promo codes available. But you can obviously take advantage of the 6-month prepaid offer that Rype is offering. With this offer, you will be getting a 39 percent discount on the pricing if you opt for a 6 months prepaid plan rather than the monthly plan.

So, you can easily take advantage of this offer and save a lot on the amount that needs to be paid. Also, Rype is currently offering 2 months for free upon opting for a 6-month prepaid plan. So, that is also highly helpful. 

Rype Free Trial:

Of course, you will get a 7-days free trial with the Rype app that most of its competitors do not offer. You can use the application in this trial period and choose the right package for yourself without any issue. 

Rype Pricing Details:

SL No Package Pricing
1. 4 hours (prepaid 6 months) $59.99/ month
2. 4 hours (monthly payable) $79.99/ month
3. 6 hours (prepaid 6 months) $84.99/ month
4. 6 hours (monthly payable) $99.99/ month
5. 10 hours (prepaid 6 months) $159.99/ month
6. 10 hours (prepaid 6 months) $179.99/ month


Pros and Cons of Rype App:


  • One of the best things about the Rype App is the fact that all of their teachers have been nitpicked with utmost attention to their skills and proficiency in the languages they are teaching. Furthermore, these instructors are also highly pre-qualified since they undergo a rigorous vetting method. So, you will certainly understand the quality of the tuition that you will be getting from learning from their teachers. 
  • More importantly, all the lessons that Rype offers are live and on a one-on-one basis. Therefore, you will be able to interact with your teachers to live and easily get a solution for any problem while studying. Hence, it is evident that you will learn at a much faster rate with the utmost efficiency. 
  • Furthermore, the biggest advantage of Rype is it’s all you can learn model. As a result, you will not have to pay for each lesson separately rather you can learn everything you want from Rype by making a one-time payment only. So, if you have free time, you can easily learn any language without any issue. 


  • The only disadvantage of Rype that we can think of is that the whole process of learning is internet-based. So, if you are not familiar with online classes, then it may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning. But it will surely go away over some time. 

Why Rype?

Rype was created solely for the language learners while keeping their comfort as well as ease of learning in mind. Actually, it was meant to provide an efficient learning opportunity for anyone interested in learning new languages but cannot afford expensive tuitions or fed up with pathetic learning apps. Available 24/7, you can obviously schedule a class at any time of the day as per your convenience.

Furthermore, you can easily access the online learning interface of Rype from your mobile devices. Plus, it provides you with complete control over your learning process. Thus, you can easily learn a new language at your own pace without facing any problem. 

Moreover, it is very easy to schedule a class with Rype. All you will have to do is to pick the instructor of your choice from the membership portal.  And then add a few details. Actually, you only need to add your first and last name along with a date as well as the time frame when you will be free as per your own convenience.  Plus, you need to add your email address, User ID of your Skype account.

Now, choose the preferable mode of teaching between audio-visual and only audio. The whole process takes only a few seconds to complete. And your class will be scheduled for the time as well as the date of your choice. 

After you schedule your class, you will also be reminded of it via email. So, you never forget about your class in any way. Furthermore, the lessons depend greatly on your level of proficiency. As a result, you never feel overwhelmed by the difficulty of the lesson. Moreover, you will also receive feedback documents from your instructor after the lesson. This will help you to understand the mistakes you have made in your practice exercises. Plus, you will also get follow-up assignments as well as additional sources such that you can easily continue your studies. Also, as stated before, every instructor in Rype app goes through a 5-step screening process for their selection for teaching. So, you can only expect the highest level of professionalism and excellent teaching from them. 

About Rype

Rype is an excellent application that allows you to take live classes. And learn any language from the vicinity of your home with the utmost ease. With Rype, you will be able to take one-on-one lessons from the best instructors such that you can easily learn any language within a short amount of time. The best thing about this application is that you can easily schedule your classes as per your convenience. The classes are usually 30 minutes long and the number of classes that you take in a month depends on the package that you are selecting. Thus, Rype provides you with complete control over the learning process. 

Rype Quick Review 2020

Rype succeeds where other applications fail. It provides you with one-on-one live classes that you can take on skype without any issue. The classes are easy to schedule. So, you can choose the instructor as well as the date and time of your class. Furthermore, the teachers that teach through this application are the best in the market. And they are required to maintain a 5-star rating to continue teaching in Rype. So, you can always be sure about getting the best lessons here. 

Use of Rype

You can obviously use Rype to schedule and take language lessons easily. Whether you want to learn French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese, or English, you can easily do that from the vicinity of your home. All you will need is a stable internet connection and a mobile lesson to take the class over skype. Furthermore, Rype allows you to learn any language you want by choosing a package of your choice. Thus, you will not have to pay for every lesson. 

Alternatives for Rype

Verbling and Italiki are often considered to be the closest alternatives of Rype. However, there are some fundamental core differences between them. Italiki is mainly a social network that connects an interested student with a teacher. However, the pricing and course are all decided by the teachers that are on this platform. On the other hand, Verbling is a lot like Rype, however, you will have to pay for every session. It only makes you fluent in speaking a language, unlike Rype. As a result, provides you with a complete grasp of the language you are learning. So, Rype is surely much more flexible, efficient, and a lot more user friendly than its closest competitors.