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ServerPilot Coupon Codes and Discounts [August 2020 Updated]

ServerPilot offers many discounts for servers and for apps as well. You can start a business plan with just $11. That means $10 for servers and $1 for an app. Or else you can go for the first-class plan. There you can get $20 for one server and $2 for an app.

About The Tool

ServerPilot is a super handy new tool on the run that allows one to host all kinds of PHP related or WordPress type sites over a cloud platform such as DigitalOcean. This fantastic tool is a must need for your enterprise set up as it allows connection to new servers in the smoothest way possible. It is a one-stop platform to manage and look into the details of all the servers that one is running.

ServerPilot Features

  • ServerPilot makes use of the automated NGINX system that is super-efficient in installing and configuring all the requisite software that will aid in running the website.
  • This platform is highly compatible with various PHP versions and can easily run PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 as well as 7.2 through the same server.
  • The ServerPilot system has been developed to provide constant monitoring of all that you do and provide regular updates about your server’s health, statistical data to track the activity and so on.
  • Security is of paramount importance at ServerPilot and a dedicated team of security researchers is always working hard to make the platform a super-safe one.

Pricing Model

$5/server + $0.5/app
SSL certificates, isolation of apps, regular updates in security, WordPress installer, access to API and so on.
$10/server + $1/app
Support is a priority, stats showing server health and app resource use, viewing logs and so on.
First Class
$20/server + $2/app
Support is of highest priority, PHP requests, Daily requests, and errors, warning for slow scripts.